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Adverb atau dalam Bahasa Indonesia disebut sebagai ‘kata keterangan’ adalah kata pelengkap dari kata kerja (verb). Sama seperti dalam Bahasa Indonesia, adverbs dapat berupa kata keterangan waktu, jumlah, tempat, maupun ‘sifat’.

Kata ‘sifat’ dalam adverb berbeda dengan kata sifat adjective, karena keterangan sifat ini menunjukan sifat dari kata kerja, bukan sifat dari subyek maupun obyek kalimat. Ciri-ciri kata keterangan sifat adalah berakhiran -ly. Misalnya quickly, slowly, tenderly, loudly. Adverbs juga seringkali merupakan jawaban dari 5W1H (What, when, why, who, where, and how.)

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List of Adverbs (Daftar Kata Keterangan dalam Bahasa Inggris)

1AboveIn or to a place that is higherDi atas
2AccidentlyWithout advanceSengaja
3Afterhappening at a time subsequent to a reference timeSetelah
4Almostlightly short of or not quite accomplishedHampir
5Afternoonthe part of the day between noonSore
6AlreadyHampir6Alreadyprior to a specified or implied timeSudah
7Alwaysall the time and on every occasionSelalu
8AngrilyWith Angrymarah
9Anytimeregardless of hour, date, etc.;Kapan saja
10.Anywhereor in or to any placDimana saja

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11Aptlyin a competent capable mannerTepat
12Aroundin circumferenceDi sekitar
13Awayfrom a particular thing or place or position (`forth’ is obsolete)Jauh
14Awkwardlyin an awkward mannerCanggung
15Badlywith unusual distress or resentment or regret or emotional displayBuruk
16Beautifullyin a beautiful mannerIndah
17Beforeearlier in timeSebelum
18Below in or to a place that is lowerDi bawah ini
19Beforeearlier or sooner thanSebelum
20Boldlyin a bold mannerBerani
21Bravelyin a courageous mannerBerani
22Broadlywithout regard to specific details or exceptions; in a wide fashionLuas
23Busilyin a busy mannerSibuk
24Calmlywith self-possession (especially in times of stress)Tenang
25Candidlyit is sincerely the case thatTerus terang
26Cautiouslywith caution or prudence or tactHati-hati
27Certainlydefinitely or positivelyTentu saja
28Cheerfullyin a cheerful mannerRiang
29Closelyin a close relation or position in time or space; in a close mannerErat
30Coldlyin a cold unemotional mannerDingin
31Completelyso as to be completeBenar-benar
32Constantlywithout interruptionTerus-menerus
33Correctlyin a correct mannerDengan benar
34Coylyin a coy mannerMalu-malu
35Cruellyunder cruel circumstancesKejam
36Curiouslyeager to learn or knowAnehnya
37Deliberatelywith intentionSengaja
38Devotedlywith devotionSetia
39Doubtfullyin a doubtful mannerRagu-ragu
40Downspatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or positionTurun
41Downstairson a floor belowLantai bawah
42Dutifullyout of a sense of duty; in a dutiful mannerPatuh
43Eagerlywith eagerness; in an eager mannerBersemangat
44Easilywithout question; with easeMudah
45Elegantlyin a gracefully elegant mannerElegan
47Equallyto the same degree (often followed by `as’)Sama
48Eventuallywithin an indefinite time or at an unspecified future timeAkhirnya
49Everat any timePernah
50Every timeAt each occasion thatSetiap kali
51Everywhereto or in any or all placesDi mana-mana
52Extremelyto a high degree or extent; favorably or with much respectSangat
53Fairlywithout favoring one party, in a fair evenhanded mannerCukup
54Fiercelymenacingly wild, savage, or hostileSengit
55Finallyafter a long period of time or an especially long delayAkhirnya
56Flexiblywith flexibilityFleksibel
57Formerlyat a previous timeSebelumnya
58Fortnightlyevery two weeksDua minggu
59Fortunatelygood fortuneUntungnya
60Frequentlymany times at short intervalsSering
61Frightfullyused as intensifiersMenakutkan
62Fullyto the greatest degree or extentSepenuhnya
63Furiouslyin an impassioned or very angry mannerFuriously
64Generallywithout distinction of one from othersUmumnya
65Generouslyin a generous mannerMurah hati
66Gracefullyin a graceful mannerAnggun
67Greatlyto an extraordinary extent or degreeSangat
68Greedilyin a greedy mannerRakus
69Happilyin an unexpectedly lucky wayBahagia
70Hardith effort or force or vigorSulit
71Healthilyin a levelheaded mannerdengan sehat
72Heavilyto a considerable degree; indulging excessivelyBerat
73Herein or at this placeSini
74Honestlyin an honest mannerJujur
75Honorablywith honorHormat
76Hopefullyit is hopedMudah-mudahan
77Hopelesslywithout hopePutus asa
78Hourly every hourPer jam
79Hungrilyin the manner of someone who is very hungryLahap
80Immediatelywithout delay or hesitation; with no time interveningSegera
81Incorectlynot correct as to factTidak benar
82Infrequentlynot many timesJarang
83Innocentlyin a naively innocent mannerPolos
84Insidewithin a building; on the insideDi dalam
85Jubilantly in a joyous mannerBahagia
86Justonly a moment agoBaru saja
87Justlyin accordance with moral or social standardsAdil
88Kindlyin a kind manner or out of kindnessRamah
89Knowinglywith full knowledge and deliberationSadar
90Knowledgeablypossessing or exhibiting knowledge, insight, orunderstandingBerpengetahuan
91Last adv. more recently than any other timeTerakhir
92Latelater than usual or than expectedAkhir
93Laterhappening at a time subsequent to a reference timeKemudian
94Lazilyin a slow and lazy manner; in an idle mannerMalas
95Likelywith considerable certainty; without much doubtKemungkinan
96Littlenot muchKecil
97Livelycharacterized by energetic activityRamai
98Looselyknitted in a loose manner; in a relaxed mannerLonggar
99Loyallywith loyalty; in a loyal mannerSetia
100Madlyin a desperate manner; in an insane mannerTergila-gila
101Manlyin a manful manner; with qualities thought to befit a manKelelakian
102Manya quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `as’ or `too’ or `so’ or `that’; amounting to a large but indefinite numberBanyak
103Monthlywithout missing a monthBulanan
104Morningthe time period between dawn and noonMorning
105Mostlyin large part; mainly or chiefly; usually; as a ruleSebagian besar
106Much(degree adverb used before a noun phrase) for all practical purposes but not completely; veryBanyak
107Mysteriouslyin a cryptic mannerMisterius
108Naturallyas might be expected; according to natureSecara alami
109Negativelyin a negative way; in a harmful mannerNegatif
110Nevernot ever; at no time in the past or future; not at all; certainly not; not in any circumstancesTidak pernah
111Nextat the time or occasion immediately followingBerikutnya
112Noisilywith much noise or loud and unpleasant soundRibut
113Noonthe middle of the daySiang
114Nowused to preface a command or reproof or requestNow
115Obedientlyin an obedient mannerPatuh
116Oftenmany times at short intervals; frequently or in great quantitiesSering
117Openlyin an open wayTerbuka
118Outsideoutside a building; on the outsideLuar
119Painfullyunpleasantly; in or as if in painMenyakitkan
120Perfectlyin a perfect manner or to a perfect degreeSempurna
121Playfullyin a playful mannerMain-Main
122Politelyin a polite mannerSopan
123Poorly(`ill’ is often used as a combining form) in a poor or improper or unsatisfactory manner; not wellBuruk
124Positivelyextremely; so as to be positive; in a positive mannerPositif
125Powerfullyin a powerful manner; in a manner having a powerful influenceBertenaga
126Previouslyat an earlier time or formerlySebelumnya
127Punctuallyat the proper timeTepat waktu
128Quarterlyin three month intervals; in diagonally opposed quarters of an escutcheonTiga bulanan
129Quicklywith rapid movementsCepat
130Quietlywith little or no soundDiam-diam
131Quiteto the greatest extent; completelyCukup
132Rapidlywith rapid movementsCepat
133Rarelynot oftenJarang
134Readilywithout much difficulty; in a punctual mannerMudah
135Reallyused as intensifiersBenarkah
136Recentlyin the recent past; very recentlyBaru-baru ini
137Rudelyin an impolite mannerKasar
138Sadlyin an unfortunate way; with sadnessSadly
139Safelywith safety; in a safe mannerSafely
140Seldomnot oftenSeldom
141Selfishlyin an egotistical mannerSelfishly
142Separatelyapart from othersSeparately
143Seriouslyin a serious manner; to a severe or serious degreeSeriously
144Sharplyin a well delineated manneSharply
145Shylyin a shy or timid or bashful mannerShyly
146Slowlywithout speed (`slow’ is sometimes used informally for `slowly’Slowly
147Smoothlywith no problems or difficulties; in a smooth and diplomatic mannerSmoothly
148Softlywith low volume; in a manner that is pleasing to the sensesSoftly
149Solemnlyin a grave and sedate mannerSolemnly


150Soonin the near futureSoon
151Stillwith reference to action or condition; without change, interruption, or cessationStill
152successivelyfollowing one another in uninterrupted succession ororder; successivesuccessively
153Suddenlyhappening unexpectedly; quickly and without warningSuddenly
154Surprisinglyin a surprising mannerSurprisingly
155Suspiciouslywith suspicionSuspiciously
156Swiftlyin a swift mannerSwiftly
157Terriblyused as intensifiers; in a terrible mannerTerribly
158Thankfullyfor which you are thankfulThankfully
159Thensubsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors)Then
160Therein or at that placeThere
161Thoroughlyin an exhaustive mannerThoroughly
162Thoughtfullyshowing consideration and thoughtfulnessThoughtfully
163Tiredlyin a weary mannerTiredly
164Todayon this day as distinct from yesterday or tomorrowToday
165Tomorrowthe next day, the day after, following the present daTomorrow
166Tonightduring the night of the present dayTonight
168Unfortunatelyby bad luckUnfortunately
169Unnaturallynot as might be expected; in an unnatural wayUnnaturally
170Untilup to the time that or when; tillUntil
171Upspatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher positionUp
172Urgentlywith great urgencyUrgently
173Usefullyin a useful mannerUsefully
174Uselesslyin a useless mannerUselessly
175Utterlycompletely and without qualification; used informally as intensifiersUtterly
176Verballyby means of language; as a verbVerbally
177Veryused as intensifiers; `real’ is sometimes used informally for `reallyVery
178Viciouslyin a vicious mannerViciously
179Victoriouslyin a victorious mannerVictoriously
180Violentlyin a violent mannerViolently
181Voluntarilyout of your own free willVoluntarily
182Warmlyin a warm manner; in a hearty mannerWarmly
183Weaklyin a weak or feeble manner or to a minor degreeWeakly
184Wearilyin a weary mannerWearily
185Weekly without missing a weekWeekly
186Well(often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standardWell
187Whateverone or some or every or all without specificationWhatever
188Wheneverat whatever time; at any time whenWhenever
189Whereverat whatever placeWherever
190Wildlyto an extreme or greatly exaggerated degreeWildly
191Wiselyin a wise mannerWisely
192Wonderfully(used as an intensifier) extremely wellWonderfully
193Wronglywithout justice or fairness; in an incorrect mannerWrongly
194Yesterdayon the day preceding todayYesterday
195Yetup to the present time; to a greater degree or extentYet
196Youthfullyin a youthful mannerYouthfully

Dalam Bahasa Inggris, jenis adverb dibedakan menjadi beberapa jenis yaitu adverb of time, adverb of place, adverb of manner, dan sebagainnya.

Contoh Penggunaan Adverbs Dalam Kalimat

  • Whatever you do, don’t try to act too mature yet. You’re still young so act youthfully to show that you’re still young and vibrant.
  • Yesterday, my grandma wisely advised me that I need to stop acting wildly and and I need to start to talk softly. Because soon I will be a grown up.
  • You need to be outside more often. The sun will tan your skin naturally.
  • I started to subscribe to weekly magazines. Before, I could only pay for monthly subscription but my job pays well now.
  • The Princess looks at us shyly. She speaks softly to us.
  • The man voluntarily helped us. He quickly refused our money and never asked for anything in return.
  • He met me yesterday in the city.
  • He can’t talk nicely to me when I said it was an accident.
  • The shop opens weekly.
  • Wherever I go, I bring my lovely novel.
  • Unfortunately, the room is still under reconstruction now.

Semoga list of adverbs di atas bisa berguna untuk menambah perbendaharaan Bahasa Inggris kalian. Juga, lakukan latihan membuat kalimat dengan kata keterangan dalam Bahasa Inggris agar kalian semakin jago menggunakan Bahasa Inggris.

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