90 Contoh Kalimat Present Continuous Tense (Rumus)

Pada materi sebelumnya kalian telah memperlajari dan mengerti tentang tenses Bahasa Inggris, kali ini saya akan memperdalam salah satu tenses dari Tenses Bahasa Inggris yang ada, yaitu present continuous tense. Untuk rumus dan contoh present continuous tense dan kelima belas tenses Bahasa Inggris yang lain dalam bentuk kalimat pasif, kalian bisa membaca artikel ini contoh kalimat pasif dalam Bahasa Inggris.

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Pengertian Present Continuous Tense

Apakah kalian sudah siap untuk menerima dan mempelajari materi baru ini? Baik, mari kita mulai. Penggunaan tenses jenis ini adalah untuk menerangkan suatu kejadian yang sedang berlangsung saat ini, suatu aksi yang berlangsung selama waktu tertentu, tren, aksi atau peristiwa pada masa yang akan datang, suatu aksi yang berlangsung sementara, dan memberikan penekanan pada suatu aksi dan tindakan yang diulang – ulang. Pada penggunaan tenses ini yang berfungsi untuk memberikan penekanan, biasanya akan dikuti dengan kata always, forever, dan constantly.

Aplikasi present continous dalam suatu kalimat dapat meliputi tiga jenis bentuk kalimat yang berbeda, yaitu:

  1. Positive sentence
  2. Negative sentence
  3. Interrogative sentence

Walaupun merupakan satu kesatuan dalam present continuous tense, tetapi ketiga jenis bentuk kalimat yang berbeda di atas memiliki rumus yang berbeda dalam penerapannya dalam kalimat. Berikut ini akan saya jabarkan satu per satu dari tiap – tiap jenis bentuk kalimat present continous tense beserta dengan contohnya dalam Bahasa Inggris.

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1. Positive sentence

Positive sentence atau yang biasa dikenal sebagai kalimat berita dalam Bahasa Indonesia, biasanya digunakan untuk membuat pernyataan yang tidak memerlukan jawaban dan memiliki rumus sebagai berikut.

Rumus Present Continuous Tense (Kalimat Positif) 

  • S + to be + Ving

Berikut ini contoh kalimat Present Continuous Tense dalam Bahasa Inggris


[tr][th] No. [/th] [th] Sentence [/th][/tr]

[tr][td]1. [/td] [td] I received the invitation from Ryan and I am going to the party with Jessica tonight [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]2. [/td] [td] She is cleaning the room from the dust because there will be guest come to give a visit [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]3. [/td] [td] He is washing his new car in the garage from mud [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]4. [/td] [td] They are attending a national meeting for entreprenur in Jakarta[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]5. [/td] [td] We are looking for internet connection here and there to help us do our homework [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]6. [/td] [td] Sammy and Patty are always arguing about their roommates [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]7. [/td] [td] She is studying chemical with her classmate before the test [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]8. [/td] [td] We are planning to visit grandma next week with our family [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]9. [/td] [td] He is planting a mango tree in the backyard [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]10. [/td] [td] My teacher is punishing a new student in front of the class who didn’t do their homework [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]11. [/td] [td] The bird is flying above us to the park and it is so beautiful [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]12. [/td] [td] He is singing in front of all guest because the host asked him to do so [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]13. [/td] [td] My friends and I are eating in the Susan’s house because it is her mother’s birthday [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]14. [/td] [td] Kindergarten student are drawing under their teacher control [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]15. [/td] [td] My brother is singing during the party and I am surprised to know that he can sing [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]16. [/td] [td] Clarissa is swimming in the beach [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]17. [/td] [td] Brandon is sending a letter to his best friend in Japan [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]18. [/td] [td] She is reading a new book in the school library  [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]19. [/td] [td] I am thinking about what to do next to complete this difficult project [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]20. [/td] [td] We are selling lemon juice and the money that we got will be donated to the orphanage [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]21. [/td] [td] I am sleeping in the class because I am too tired and sleepy [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]22. [/td] [td] They are wearing a suit to the prom night [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]23. [/td] [td] My grandfather loves bread very much, he is learning how to make a delicious bread every week [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]24. [/td] [td] The maid is sweeping the floor from dirt [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]25. [/td] [td] You are hurting that innocent animal if you take it that way [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]26. [/td] [td] I am catching a fish in the river today [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]27. [/td] [td] She is dealing with my boss about the property investment [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]28. [/td] [td] He is knowing all destination in this city [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]29. [/td] [td] Nina is chopping the meat [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]30. [/td] [td] He is smelling the delicious food aroma in the street [/td][/tr]


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2. Negative sentence

Negative sentence adalah kalimat yang biasanya digunakan untuk membuat pernyataan yang berupa dan bernada menyangkal sesuatu, biasanya pernyataan dalam bentuk negative sentence ini digunakan untuk menjawab suatu pernyataan lain. Untuk rumus dari negative sentence present continuous tense adalah sebagai berikut.

Rumus Present Continuous Tense (Kalimat Negatif) 

  • S + to be + not + Ving

[tr][th] No. [/th] [th] Sentence [/th][/tr]

[tr][td]1. [/td] [td] We are not eating your cake, your cake is in the fridge [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]2. [/td] [td] My father is not leaving the town for his job purpose but to visit his mom [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]3. [/td] [td] The student are not starting the conversation with the tourist because they are shy  [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]4. [/td] [td] Robby is not riding a bike to school but by school bus [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]5. [/td] [td] It seems like we are not burning the old pictures of ours [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]6. [/td] [td] After school we are not taking another course because we are too tired[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]7. [/td] [td] In that movie, you are not running away from the zombies but you face them [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]8. [/td] [td] Look, those kids are not spelling your name but alphabet [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]9. [/td] [td] The phone is not always ringing when there is a call [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]10. [/td] [td] The sun is not shining so bright compared to yesterday [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]11. [/td] [td] I am not wearing uniform to school [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]12. [/td] [td] The city council is not making an important announcement for the people [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]13. [/td] [td] We are not seeing the scenery from the top but from the bottom of the mountain [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]14. [/td] [td] It feels like my teacher is not trying to give another task to us [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]15. [/td] [td] The mechanic is not fixing my car perfectly so I have to seek another mechanic  [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]16. [/td] [td] But you are not saying anything about the farewell party so I didn’t prepare anything for it[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]17. [/td] [td] Parents are not telling their children what they think is the worst for them [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]18. [/td] [td] You are not practicing to be worse and to know a little [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]19. [/td] [td] The chef is not starting to chop the beef [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]20. [/td] [td] The kids are not playing hide and seek [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]21. [/td] [td] We are not leading the way to the forest because we do not know the way [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]22. [/td] [td] I am not writing a letter because Mrs. Anna asked me to do so [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]23. [/td] [td] A doctor is not examining a new patient in the ICU [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]24. [/td] [td] We are not hanging on each other, we are hanging on ropes [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]25. [/td] [td] Alan is not setting the speaker, so we have to do it our self [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]26. [/td] [td] Maria and Tom are not riding a car to the beach [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]27. [/td] [td] The birds are not flying to the south in search of food [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]28. [/td] [td] We are not giving some amount of money to the poor in the town [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]29. [/td] [td] My little sister is not winning a lottery yesterday [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]30. [/td] [td] The writer is not making a new story line for her novel [/td][/tr]


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3. Interrogative sentence

Interrogative sentence adalah kalimat yang digunakan untuk membuat pernyataan. Dalam pembuatan kalimat tanya pada umumnya, interrogative sentence dibentuk menggunakan kata tanya seperti where, what, dan lain sebagainya. Tetapi disini, kata tanya untuk membentuk interrogative sentence tersebut digantikan dengan To Be (am/ is /are). Berikut ini adalah rumus yang digunakan.

Rumus Present Continuous Tense (Kalimat Tanya) 

  • To be + S + Ving + ?

Untuk penggunaannya dalam kalimat, berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh kalimat tanya dalam Bahasa Inggris.

[tr][th] No. [/th] [th] Sentence [/th][/tr]

[tr][td]1. [/td] [td] Are you not walking alone? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]2. [/td] [td] Before you ask it again to me, am I thinking to long to take the decision? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]3. [/td] [td] Hey Kevin, are you talking to the teacher about our secret project? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]4. [/td] [td] I didn’t see Jennifer since yesterday, is she working in the Japanese restaurant? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]5. [/td] [td] I can’t study if I am not turning on the music. Am I disturbing you if I turn on the music? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]6. [/td] [td] So you sell the pillow in the Nancy’s shop, are you making those pillows by your self? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]7. [/td] [td] People say that the tea in the grocery store is tasty. Are you buying the tea at the grocery store across the street? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]8. [/td] [td] Are you sleeping with your duck doll? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]9. [/td] [td] We can’t inform you the next update until the ministry come, is our meeting is done? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]10. [/td] [td] Your new dress suit you very well, are you buying it in the mall? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]11. [/td] [td] Are you preparing the cookie dough? We are going to make so many cookies [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]12. [/td] [td] Are you not coming with us? But why? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]13. [/td] [td] Danny has sent his wedding invitation to us, are you receiving the invitation? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]14. [/td] [td] Is she teaching math? Because as far as I know she was teaching physic [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]15. [/td] [td] Are they throwing the ball to the basket? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]16. [/td] [td] Is Samantha cutting her long beautiful hair? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]17. [/td] [td] Is he paying the food for all of us? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]18. [/td] [td] Are you waking me up this morning? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]19. [/td] [td] Is she ordering pizza for me too? I am so hungry [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]20. [/td] [td] After all this time are you deciding to leave or stay? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]21. [/td] [td] I was having a dinner outside with you when I lost my wallet, are you seeing my wallet? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]22. [/td] [td] You told me that there will be a new staff,  Is she sitting in the corner side of meeting room? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]23. [/td] [td] Are you drinking the milkshake? How is the taste? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]24. [/td] [td] Is the snake biting your finger? You have to be careful next time [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]25. [/td] [td] Are you collecting antique watch? If so, I have a friend who sell it [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]26. [/td] [td] Hey, I already bought a couple shirt for us, are you liking it? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]27. [/td] [td] Are you putting my jacket in the cupboard? Because, I couldn’t find it anywhere [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]28. [/td] [td] Is she keeping the formulas for the last chemical project? [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]29. [/td] [td] Am I borrowing you my pencil? I need it now [/td][/tr]

[tr][td]30. [/td] [td] I have bought some milk shake. Are you shaking the milk first? [/td][/tr]


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Beberapa contoh kalimat present countinuous yang telah saya jabarkan tadi, mulai dari positive sentence, negative sentence, dan interrogative sentence menggunakan Ving dalam rumusnya. Kalian juga pasti mengetahui penggunaan Daftar Kata Kerja dalam Bahasa Inggris V1, V2, dan V3 pada rumus tenses yang lain. Tetapi ternyata tidak hanya sebatas itu saja, ada lebih banyak lagi jenis verb yang bisa kalian pelajari pada beberapa artikel terkait berikut ini.

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Bagaimana? Apakah kalian sudah memahami contoh kalimat present continuous ini lebih baik dari sebelumnya? Tidak terlalu sulit untuk dipelajari bukan? Kalian hanya perlu mengingat penjelasan tentang pemakaian present continuous tense yang sudah saya jabarkan di awal tadi beserta dengan rumus – rumus tenses pada tiap – tiap jenis kelimat present continuous tense.

Terimakasih telah membaca artikel ini sampai akhir, sukses terus untuk kalian dan jangan pernah menyerah dalam belajar Bahasa Inggris. Tetap semangat dan semoga berhasil!

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