6 Contoh Paragraf Singkat Bahasa Inggris tentang Liburan

Materi kali ini adalah Contoh Paragraf Bahasa Inggris Tentang Liburan. Paragraf-paragraf di bawah ini relatif pendek. Untuk memahami teks ini salah satunya dengan mempelajari materi Cara Belajar Membaca Teks Bahasa Inggris dengan Mudah. Contoh paragraf singkat bahasa Inggris tentang liburan tersebut antara lain Contoh Cerita Liburan ke Gunung dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Contoh paragraf singkat bahasa Inggris tentang liburan ini adalah Contoh Cerita Liburan Bahasa Inggris Menggunakan Verb 2 dan Contoh Cerita Liburan Bahasa Inggris Menggunakan Simple Past Tense.

Contoh 1

Vacation to Anyer Beach

Last Saturday I went to Anyer Beach with my friends. We went there by a car. It was very hot. We stayed for two days in a camp and sleep in a tent. We also rode surfed and kite surfed. In the evening we played the guitar, sang songs, and shared stories. We took a lot of photos and had a great time.

Contoh 2

Traveled to the Natuna Sea

Last year I and my co-worker went to the Natuna Sea in Indonesia. We traveled by plane from Bandung. We stayed in hotel near the beach. There we had rest and fun. During the day we walked along the beach. In the evening we went to a restaurant. We spent our time very well although it was very hot.

Contoh 3

Christmas Holiday in Pahawang Island

My last holiday was last Christmas. I went to Pahawang Island with my close friends. We stayed for five days in Lampung. In the morning we got up at 6 o’clock then had breakfast and went to beach. About 12 o’clock we had lunch in the hotel’s restaurant.

We also traveled to a variety of places in Lampung, for example, Tanjung Setia Beach and Way Kambas National Park. Everywhere we took a lot of photos. In the evening we had dinner in the hotel. After that we went to a piano bar where we sang and danced.

The weather was a bit cold. This was a wonderful holiday. We had a great time.

Contoh 4

Visited Baturraden

I went to my grandmother’s village, Baturraden. I went with my parent with a lot of baggage. We got there by my father’s car. We stayed in villa. I helped my grandmother in the vineyard. I saw a beautiful landscape and a high mountain. I ate in the kitchen in villa. The weather was cold. I had a great time. 

Contoh 5

Great Time in Solo

I went to Solo last week with my girlfriend. We went to Solo by a train. We stayed for a day. We walked to the Grojogan Sewu Waterfall. We took a lot of photos. We had dinner in a restaurant and ate local food. We had a great time, but the time was very short.

Contoh 6

Holiday to London

Last holiday I went to London with my sister and her son. We stayed at out friend’s home for three days. We saw the famous places in London. We also went to the beach. We took a lot of photos. In the evening we went to restaurant. There was jazz music and I liked it. We had a fun time. London is an awesome city. We bought a lot of souvenirs.

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