4 Contoh Cerita Liburan Bahasa Inggris Menggunakan Verb 2

Pola kalimat past tense dalam bahasa Inggris terdapat dua jenis, yakni kata kerja to be (was, were) dan kata kerja bentuk lampau atau dapat disebut dengan Verb 2. Verb 2 adalah istilah lain untuk kata kerja kedua, yaitu kata kerja bentuk lampau yang meliputi kata kerja beraturan (regular verb) maupun kata kerja tak beraturan (irregular verb). Sebelum membaca contoh cerita liburan bahasa Inggris menggunakan verb 2, ketahuilah jenis-jenis kata kerja pada bentuk lampau.

Verb 2 pada regular verb merupakan kata kerja yang bentukannya pada past tense hanya ditambah -d/e-ed. Contoh regular verb antara lain opened (membuka), danced (menari), fried (menggoreng), played (bermain), bopped (memukul), dan sebagainya.

Verb 2 pada irregular verb adalah bentuk dari kata kerja yang bentuk lampaunya atau past tense mengalami perubahan tidak teratur dan mempunyai aturan tersendiri. Pada contoh irregular verb terbagi menjadi empat golongan.

  • Pertama, kata kerja tak beraturan yang bentuknya sama. Contoh: bid (menawar), cut (memotong), set (mengatur), dan lain-lain.
  • Kedua, kata kerja tak beraturan yang mempunyai bentuk sama antara verb 2 dan verb 3. Contoh: awoke (bangun), brought (membawa), dan sebagainya.
  • Ketiga, kata kerja beraturan yang mempunyai tiga bentuk berbeda pada daftar kata kerja bahasa Inggris antara verb 1, verb 2, dan verb 3. Contoh verbs 1 2 3: awake – awoke – awoken (membangunkan), are/am/is – were – been (ada), break – broke – broken (mematahkan), dan sebagainya.
  • Keempat, kata kerja tak beraturan yang mempunyai bentuk sama antara verb 1 dan verb 3.

Setelah memahami kata kerja bentuk lampau di atas, berlatihlah membuat contoh cerita liburan bahasa Inggris menggunakan verb 2. Berikut ini adalah empat contoh cerita liburan bahasa Inggris menggunakan verb 2.

Contoh 1

Holiday in Lampung

I had a lot of fun on my holiday in Lampung. My family and I went to lots of fun places and did great things.
We went to the beach and made sand castles. We also watched the waves roll in and destroy them. I helped my little sister and brother learn to run in the shallow water along the sand. They screamed happily every time the cold water touches their toes.

Contoh 2

Vacation to Bandung

My vacation was great. I went to Bandung last holiday. I went there by a bus. It took long time to reach there. It was more than 2 hours and I had so my traffics in Bandung. After I arrived, I had a look at another places like Braga, Gedung Sate, and Dago. Then I had lunch in Sundanese restaurant. I continued my way to Ciater. That place was so cold and comfortable. Ciater was nice and well-known as its sulfur bath. This was an amazing holiday. 

Contoh 3

Went to Dieng Plateu

In this holiday I went with my friend to Dieng plateau in Central Java, Indonesia. The weather was very pleasant there. All the hotels are jam packed. I had to wear woolen clothes in the morning and evening. We went to local bazaar and bought some souvenirs. We also went to coffee shop for hot coffee. We had a great fun there. I loved the natural beauty of lake. We stayed there for a week and then returned back to our home town. I really enjoyed my holiday.

Contoh 4

Family Vacation in Singapore

Last year in December my family and I went to Singapore. First, we went to the water park. There were buckets of water splashing everywhere. We also went to the zoo and saw lots of monkeys and animals. The next day my parent took me to Universal Studios. The place was so big with lots of things to do.