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5 Contoh Soal Speaking Bahasa Inggris Pilihan Ganda Beserta Jawabannya

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Banyak cara untuk mempelajari coversation, speaking, dan  rumus present continuous tense atau lainnya. Salah satunya yaitu dengan mencoba mengerjakan soal pilihan ganda.

Di bawah ini adalah beberapa soal pilihan ganda yang dapat dipelajari tentang speaking atau berbicara. Temukan juga materi kosakata dan sinonim kata sifat untuk pelajaran lanjutannya.

  1. Davin : Hi, my name is Davin Fauzan

Inaya : Hi, …….

Davin : i come from the city of Java, and i will stay in Bandar Lampung city, do you know about city of java?

Inaya : no can you tell me A little? Because i have never seen and visited to the city of java.

Davin : you will like it, if you hear about my story of java later.

Inaya : im very curious!

a. Whats your name?

b. Where are you from?

c. Where you born?

d. What are you doing?

Jawaban : B. Where are you from?

  1. Fia : I experience the sadness my cat is dead, can you help me to bury it?

Recky : Oh no, is he poisoned?

Fia : I don’t know, but there is no foam from his mouth, please help me!

Recky : ….. Calm down.

a. What caused it?

b. We have to contact the hospital.

c. I will try

d. I will help you

Jawaban : D. I will help you

  1. Helena : When you will come back Anna? ….

Anna : Be patient, i will definitely contact you when  i want to go back, but don’t forget to prepare food for me.

Helena : Don’t worry about that, i have prepared to special food for my beloved sister.

Anna : Oh, i love you so much

a. Im waiting for you.

b. I miss you!

c. Please Come home soon!

d. Don’t be late!

Jawaban : B. I miss you!

  1. Anggun : What do you think of my hair?

Dinda : …. I feel like i want to cut my hair like you Anggun.

Anggun : I tried American Hairstyles to get a better impression

Dinda : You are smart in dressing up.

a. You look beautiful

b. Wow, so cool

c. Where you change it?

d. Its amazing.

Jawaban : A. You look beautiful.

  1. Rengga : ….. Im hungry i want little some rice with the addition of spicy chicken meat.

Waiters : Our spicy chicken has run of, if its replaced with another menu.

Rengga : Oh no, its my favorite menu. Then please make me one serving of grilled chicken

Waiters : Yes sir.

a. Come here a minute, i call you

b. Go from here please!

c. Come here and please make me a something food

d. What are you doing?

Jawaban : C. Come here and make me a something food.

Itulah tadi contoh pertanyaan speaking pilihan ganda dan jawabannya.  Agar  kemampuan dasar bahasa inggris  bisa semakin berkembang, pelajari juga materi tentang  adjective in series dalam bahasa inggris dan conversation tentang kehidupan sehari-hari.

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