45 Contoh Kalimat Finitive Verb Beserta Artinya

Sebagai bahasa universal tentu penggunaan bahasa Inggris : Cara Mempelajari Bahasa Inggris bagi Pemula tidak hanya pada penguasaan kata dan mengerti arti kalimatnya saja. Namun juga harus paham mengenai dasar dan beberapa materi lainnya seperti grammar Grammar Bahasa Inggris, tenses Contoh 16 Tenses in English9Contoh Kalimat Tenses dan Artinya dan sejenisnya : Contoh Percakapan Greeting Formal dan Informal.

Untuk itu agar belajar teman – teman cepat dan efektif, belajar satu persatu mengenai materi tersebut. Contoh kali ini akan dibahasa mengenai kalimat infinitive Verbs : Infinitive dan Infinitive Verb.

Penjelasan singkat infinitive merupakan kata dasar yang menggunakan ” to + verb “, dan bentuk simple dari verb bare infinitive yang berfungsi sebagai noun , adjective , atau adverb.

Untuk Rumus Infinitive Verb :

Subject + Verb + to infinitive

Berikut beberapa contoh dalam kata maupun kalimatnya :

No.KataKalimat Verb + to
1BeginThey begin to love each other
2ContinueHe does that continue basis until he finishes to do it
3RememberThey will always remember it as a way to thank
4PlanWe plan to go to the office to dismiss urgent work
5AgreeHis father agrees he leaves, on one condition to get back home
6GetIn order getting a reward, he has to do it.
7AdviceThe teacher advised him to study harder
8WatchHe’s been watching tv, though only to see the news.
9SeeWe saw him yesterday, just to make sure he was okay
10FeelI felt bad 2 days ago, to rest is enough
11TeachYesterday the teacher’s mother taught us math to lesson next week
12TellDo not say anything until he wants to come
13AskHe asked me to call you
14ChooseHe has chosen not to come, to do his homework
15ExpectThey wished too much yesterday, though just to satisfy their hearts
16WishMany wished it was not good, though only to dream though
17PromiseThey promise a very sensible thing to do well
18ForgetThe lecturer did not forget his duty even just to give the daily task
19DecideThe worker decided to get severance immediately
20StartIt is not good to start a thing if to decide the bad things
21BegDo not beg her if she just promised to do good
22VisitTo visit Turkey is one of my dreams
23PlayTo play outside in this season is a bad idea
24HaveYou will have to ask her
25LiveShe would rather live in Italy
26WorkHe would rather work in a bank
27SwimTo swim in the river is dangerous
28StudyTo study in England is my dream
29HelpMy mission is to help poor people
30DreamMy dream is to meet my idol in Jakarta
31BuyTo buy that car, you need Rp 150.000.000
32AppearThe old woman appeared to find her favorite animal
33ClaimTo claim your assurance, you sure to finish your invoice
34AskI asked him to get him finishing the job
35ArrangeThe manager arranged their jobs description to fill the empty task
36LearnI learn to write an article
37GoYou are to go now
38RefuseShe refused to admit her guilt
39DecideBudi Handuk decides to continue his study
40StandThe man who is standing there appears to be a wise mean

Demikian beberapa contoh kalimat dan kata Infinitive Verb, semoga teman – teman belajar lebih giat dan tekun. Selamat belajar.