3 Cara Menulis Almarhum dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Contohnya

Di zaman yang modern ini, pentingnya belajar bahasa Inggris menurut para ahli agar dapat berkomunikasi dengan orang-orang di luar negeri. Cara menulis almarhum dalam bahasa Inggris dapat menggunakan tiga kata berbeda, yaitu late, the deceased, atau the departed. Late jika diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia berarti almarhum, orang tertentu yang tidak lagi hidup atau telah meninggal.  Deceased juga sama artinya, yaitu orang yang sudah meninggal. Departed merupakan kata yang digunakan bersama plural verb. Departed dapat pula berarti almarhum. Materi ini dapat bermanfaat selain belajar cara menghafal pidato bahasa Inggris dengan mudah.

Contoh Cara Menulis Almarhum dalam Bahasa Inggris


Contoh kalimat bahasa Inggris sehari-hari yang menggunakan kata almarhum/orang yang sudah meninggal antara lain:

  1. In memory of the deceased.
  2. The cremation of a deceased person.
  3. He can’t say if he knew the deceased but the Wanaka and all the mines send them so many of their workers he may have.
  4. Half the services you’ve been to, the presiding reverend never met the deceased and still managed to say something nice.
  5. She poured libations on the tombs of deceased relatives.
  6. The similarities between the boy’s appearance and the memory of her deceased father made Jessi nauseous.
  7. Such estates were not strictly hereditary, though as a mark of favor we were not unfrequently re-granted to the sons of deceased holders.
  8. The only picture was of a teenage girl, apparently the deceased sister.
  9. Any parent or infant children of deceased parents may set apart personal estate in value which shall be exempt from execution.
  10. The word also used of memorial services held in honor of a deceased person in churches.


Cara menulis almarhum dalam bahasa Inggris dapat memakai kosakata bahasa Inggris yang sering digunakan dalam dercakapan, misalnya:

  1. The prayer for the departed.
  2. A dear departed relative.
  3. Prayer of the departed is said to be valueless.
  4. The family of the departed remained.
  5. Prayers for the departed and dearly missed.
  6. The idea of communicating with the departed was naturally attractive to the merely curious.
  7. He mentioned also the names of others, and especially the departed, that they might rest in peace.
  8. Its branches were placed on the funeral pyres and in the houses of their departed friends.
  9. Special importance was attached to the grave of the hero, with which the spirit of the departed was inseparably connected.
  10. Prayers are read for the repose of the departed. 


Selain berarti ‘terlambat’, ‘ate juga dapat diartikan sebagai almarhum. Quotes bahasa Inggris tentang ayah yang telah meninggal terdapat kata late. Contoh kalimat lainnya yang menggunakan kata late, yaitu:

  1. The late William Bryan.
  2. The late John Miller was a very generous man.
  3. This cottage is owned by the late film star Rajkumar.
  4. Gulaam Nabhi’s name associated with a number of more famous musicians, including the late Bismilla Khan.
  5. They made a donation to the school in memory of her late daughter.
  6. The late prince’s architect was living on in retirement at Bald Hills.
  7. He is the prince who had to retire from the army under the late emperor.
  8. After a few words about Princess Mary and her late father, the important old lady dismissed Nicholas after repeating her invitation to come to see her.
  9. The baby prince lived with his wet nurse and nurse Lydia in the late princess’ rooms.
  10. The late princess had given birth to Princess Mary with only a Moldavian peasant woman.