10 Contoh Soal Present and Past Participle as Adjectives Plus Jawaban

Adjective merupakan kata sifat yang berfungsi untuk menerangkan kata benda (noun). Kata sifat yang dibentuk dari kata kerja istilahnya ialah past participle dan present participle. Inflectional affix digunakan pada kata kerja (verb) berupa penambahan s/es pada kata kerja bentuk pertama untuk orang ketiga tunggal, penambahan -ed pada past participle, dan penambahan pada present participle.

Particile adalah kata kerja ketiga atau kata kerja -ing yang memiliki fungsi sebagai verb, adjective, dan adverb. Contoh soal present and past participle as adjectives akan diberikan setelah membahas materinya dalam artikel ini.

Past Participle

Past participle adalah kata sifat yang dibentuk dari kata kerja bentuk ketiga. Verb pada past participle diakhiri ed untuk kata kerja beraturan (regular verb) maupun kata kerja tidak beraturan (irregular verb). Contoh past participle antara lain bored (bosan), interested (tertarik), fascinated (terpana), dan lain-lain. Past participle sebagai kata sifat menunjukkan perasaan tentang sesuatu.


  • Verb 3 + noun
  • Noun + to be + verb 3

Contoh kalimat past participle as adjective:

  1. He was bored by the class.
  2. We are interested in English.
  3. The written test will be held Friday morning.
  4. She was very pleased when she met her.
  5. The woman was seriously injured in the accident.

Present Participle

Present participle adalah adjective yang dibentuk dari kata kerja -ing. Contohnya yaitu boring, interesting, fascinating, dan sebagainya. Kata sifat yang berakhiran -ing menunjukkan perasaan yang dihasilkan sesuatu. Present participle digunakan untuk membentuk kalimat continuous tense, sebagai frasa kata sifat, sebagai pelengkap subjek, untuk mengungkap kejadian atau kegiatan awal, dan pengganti relative pronoun.


  • Verb + ing + noun
  • Noun + to be + verb + ing

Contoh kalimat present participle as adjective:

  1. He is interesting.
  2. The crying child is hungry.
  3. The annoying guys made me angry.
  4. The teacher was boring.
  5. The movie was very exciting.

Contoh Soal Present and Past Participle as Adjectives

  1. Four of the … prisoners were caught by the police.
    a. escape
    b. was escaped
    c. having escaped
    d. was escaping
    e. escaped 
  2. Transmigration helps people from densely … areas to start a new life.
    a. populating
    b. to be populated
    c. population
    d. populated
    e. to populate
  3. The girl … playing in the yard is my daughter.
    a. now
    b. he
    c. is
    d. was
    e. were
  4. … to life imprisonment, the murderer of his family appealed to the higher court of justice.
    a. sentencing
    b. he was sentenced
    c. to be sentenced
    d. sentenced
    e. to sentence
  5. Being an artist, he always has meeting abroad. The underlined word means …
    a. he was an artist
    b. as he is an artist
    c. chosen as an artist
    d. to be an artist
    e. whether he is an artist
  6. We saw the girl … the coconut tree.
    a. climbing
    b. climbs
    c. was climbing
    d. is climbing
    e. climbed
  7. The building seems … since the owner left it five years ago.
    a. abandoned
    b. abandon
    c. abandonment
    d. abandoning
    e. was abandoned  
  8. After … the assignment, I continue helping my mother cooking for dinner.
    a. finish
    b. finishing
    c. finished
    d. finishes
    e. is finishing
  9. Who is … our coffee?
    a. set up
    b. setted up
    c. set
    d. setting up
    e. setting
  10. The police have arrested the men … in the bank robbery.
    a. involves
    b. involve
    c. they involve
    d. involved
    e. involving

Kunci Jawaban Contoh Soal Present and Past Participle as Adjectives

  1. e) escaped
  2. d) populated
  3. c) is
  4. d) sentenced
  5. b) as he is an artist
  6. a) climbing
  7. a) abadoned
  8. b) finishing
  9. d) setting up
  10. d) involved