20 Contoh Reading Comprehension – Soal dan Jawaban

Untuk mendapatkan nilai TOEFL yang baik tentu sebelumnya teman – teman dapat memahami contoh reading comprehension dengan baik dan benar. Karena soal yang membahas materi ini pasti akan keluar. Kamu harus menguasai Keterampilan Dasar Bahasa Inggris

Dengan demikian teman – teman harus bisa menjawab paling tidak bisa mendapat nilai yang memuaskan.

Berikut contoh Reading Comprehension beserta jawabannya :

Contoh 1

Robert Moog was an American inventor who developed the Moog synthesizer. it was one of the first synthesizers to gain widespread use as a musical instrument. Moog’s synthesizers were an important part of musical innovation in rock and jazz music in the 1960s and 1970s. Robert Arthur Moog was born in Queens, a borough of New York City 75 years ago. He became fascinated with electronics as a teenager, particularly an early electronic musical instrument called the theremin. mood studied physic and electrical engineering at Queens College and Columbia University both in new york city and later received a Ph.D. in engineering physic cornel University in Ithaca, New York. in 1954, while still an undergraduate student, Moog Formed his own company to sell theremins and theremins kits.

Soon after, Moog began working on a keyboard instrument that could replicate the sound of any musical instrument electronically. working with American composer Herbert Deutch. moog introduced the prototype Moog synthesizer at a convention in 1964. the device represented a significant advance over previous electronic synthesizer because of its use of new semiconductor technology, which made it smaller and considerably cheaper than earlier machines. the Moog, as it was known, was soon in demand by musician all over the world.

In 1964, Moog began a collaboration with American composer and organist Walter Carlos who released the best selling electronic music album switched-on bach in 1968. Rock groups such as the Beatles and yes and jazz musician such as Harbie Hancock and Chick Corea began incorporating Moog synthesizer into their recordings, a trend that increased when the company introduced the compact and portable Minimoog in 1970. A Moog synthesizer was also prominently featured on the soundtrack to the movie A Clockwork Orange in 1971.

1. The word ‘prominently’ in paragraph 3 can easily be replaced by. ( a )

a. Significantly

b. Perfectly

c. Accurately

d. Smartly

2. The passage describes theremin as a/an.  ( b )

a. The prototype of Moog Synthesizer

b. Initial Electronic Music Instrument

c. Musical Instrument to replicate the sound

d. Instrument of electronic tool

3. According to the passage, all of the following are true about the Moog, EXCEPT. ( d )

a. It was invented by Robert Moog

b. It was first introduced in 1964

c. Initiated new technology

d. it was the first synthesizer in the world

4. The paragraph following the passage most likely discusses. ( c )

a. Collaboration between the Moog and other musicians

b. The description of compact and portable mini Moog

c. The improvement of Moog Synthesizer

d. Trend in the music industry about synthesizer

5. The main Idea of paragraph three is … ( a )

a. The Moog’s collaboration in music field

b. The Moog in the movie soundtrack

c. The introduction of Minimoog

d. The collaboration of the Moog with music groups.

Contoh 2

We believe the Earth is about 4.6 billion years old. At percent, we are forced to look to other bodies in the solar system for hints as to what the early history of the Earth was like. Studies of our moon, Mercury, Mars, and the large satellites of Jupiter and Saturn have provided ample evidence that all these large celestial bodies had formed. This same bombardment must have affected Earth as well. The lunar record indicates that the rate of impacts decreased to its present low level about 4 billion years ago. On Earth, subsequent erosion and crustal motions have obliterated the craters that must have formed during this epoch.

Scientists estimate the Earth’s age by measuring the ratios of various radioactive elements in rocks. The oldest Earth’s rocks tested thus far are about 3 1/3 billion years old. But no one knows whether these are oldest rocks on Earth. Tests on rocks from the moon and on meteorites show that these are about 4.6 billion years old. Scientists believe that this is the true age of the solar system and probably the true age of the Earth.

1. In line 8, the word “obliterated” means. ( b )

a. created

b. destroyed

c. changed

d. erosion

2. According to this passage, how do scientists estimate the age of the Earth?. ( a )

a. By measuring the ratios of radioactive elements in rocks.

b. By examining fossils

c. By studying sunspots

d. By examining volcanic activity 

3. Scientists estimate the age of the Earth as … ( c )

a. 4 billion years old.

b. 3 1/3 billion years old.

c. 4.6 billion years old.

d. 6 billion years old.

4. Which of the following processes led to the obliteration of the craters formed by the bombardment of the Earth by the celestial bodies? ( d )

a. Volcanic activity

b. Solar radiation

c. Gravity activity

d. Crustal motions

5. According to the passage, why are scientists forced to look at other bodies in the solar system to determine the early history of the Earth? ( b )

a. Human alteration of the Earth.

b. Erosion and crustal motions.

c. Solar flares.

d. Deforestation and global warming.

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