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15 Contoh Kalimat Bahasa Inggris dengan Kata “Furthermore”

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Furthermore adalah salah satu adverbial conjunctions yang digunakan untuk menambahkan informasi. Padanan kata dari kata furthermore ialah moreover, besides, in addition, dan additionally. Kelima adverbial conjunction tersebut memiliki makna yang sama, yaitu lebih-lebih/ terlebih lagi/ apalagi/ lagipula. Belajar juga tentang Conjunction Adverbs


Kata furthermore dalam kalimat Bahasa Inggris berfungsi sebagai conjuction (kata sambung) yang menggabungkan dua independent clause (kalusa yang dapat berdiri sendiri) menjadi compound sentence (kalimat majemuk) dan sebagai adverb (kata keterangan) yang menghubungkan dua sentence (kalimat).

The doctor told me that I have to take medicine three times a day; furthermore, I also need to drink much more water.
(Dokter mengatakan bahwa aku harus minum obat tiga kali sehari; terlebih lagi, aku perlu air putih lebih banyak)

Clause 1: The doctor told me that I have to take medicine three times a day.
Clause 2: I also need to drink much more water.

Billy has been working hard for years in this company. Furthermore, he has also done a lot of projects successfully.
(Billy telah bekerja keras selama bertahun-tahun di perusahaan ini. Lagipula, dia juga telah mengerjakan banyak proyek dengan sukses).

Sentence 1: Billy has been working hard for years in this company.
Sentence 2: He has done a lot of projects successfully.

Dari kedua contoh di atas, kita bisa melihat bahwa ada perbedaan cara penulisan dan peletakan kata furthermore untuk masing-masing fungsi. Berikut ini adalah aturannya:

Sebagai conjunction

Clause 1; + furthermore, + Clause 2

Contoh Kalimat Bahasa Inggris dengan Kata “Furthermore”:

  • I think it is not necessary for me to have such a luxurious car; furthermore, I cannot afford to buy it.
  • My cousin is elected to be the new branch manager abroad; furthermore, he also gets housing allowance there.
  • I find myself is not good at math; furthermore, I am not able to memorize many formulas and operations.
  • Joanna is a very smart student; furthermore, she has many brilliant thoughts.
  • Mr. White is a very kind-hearted husband; furthermore, he is a faithful man.
  • Jill and Sarah decided to go travelling together at the end of this month; furthermore, they plan to visit some countries in Europe.
  • David Beckham was a talented football player; furthermore, he made so many goals during his career.
  • Consuming too much fat is not good for us; furthermore, it potentially causes a high blood pressure.

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Sebagai adverb

Sentence 1. + Furthermore, + Sentence 2

Contoh Kalimat Bahasa Inggris dengan Kata “Furthermore”:

  • Ed Sheeran has many popular songs. Furthermore, he is the richest singer now.
  • My grandmother’s house is located in the mountainous area. Furthermore, it is very nice and cozy.
  • Monica Lewis was a beautiful tennis player. Furthermore, she was very talented.
  • Dr. Phil is awarded for his new invention. Furthermore, he has helped many patients.
  • Mark and Jacob were classmates when they were in college. Furthermore, they run their business together now.
  • The students are busy with their assignments. Furthermore, they have to prepare themselves for the coming final exam.
  • I like classic movies rather than action movies. Furthermore, I can take a lot of moral teachings from it.
    The earthquake victims lost their houses. Furthermore, they are lack of food and medicine now. Belajar juga tentang Contoh Kalimat Adverb Clause of Concession

Itulah contoh kalimat Bahasa Inggris dengan kata “Furthermore.”

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