25 Contoh Soal Vocab Bahasa Inggris Beserta Kunci Jawabannya

Teman – teman sedang mencari atau bahkan sedang membutuhkan contoh soal vocab Bahasa Inggris ?, nah kali ini kita akan membahas materi pelajaran mengenai contoh soal tersebut. Berikut ini contoh soal To Be (Is, Am, dan Are) lengkap dengan kunci jawabannya.

Berikut ini beberapa contoh soal vocab yang bisa teman – teman lihat dan pelajari.

1. Maya …… the match in Olympic Games. She is so sad. ( B )

A. won

B. lost

C. jumped

D. celebrated

2.  A : Can you help me, please? ( A )

B  : Yes, of course. What can I do for you?

A  : Please, ….. this bag to my room.

B   : Yes, Sir.

A. bring

B. help

C. give

D. Has

3. The teacher’s duty is to ….. the students in the school. ( A )

A. teach

B. play

C. make

D. work

4.  Mia : Adi, your shoes are so fit in your……. You look gorgeous. ( D )

Adi  : Thank you.

A. Finger

B. lip

C. hand

D. feet

5. I am so hungry. So, I …… a meal. ( A )

A. prepare

B. walk

C. kick

D. wear

6.   Lani : I want to wear my white gown to Amanda’s party. What do you think? ( C )

Dewi   : I think the red one is better.

Lani  : Ok. I will …… the red gown

A. wrap

B. go

C. wear

D. give

7. The gardener ….. the grass every Monday and Thursday. ( A )

A. cuts

B. plans

C. trains

D. comes

Contoh soal Coordinating Conjunction, yang dapat dipelajari.

8. I can’t hear anything since my …… are sick. ( B )

A. eyes

B. ears

C. nose

D. mouth

9. Sugar is ….. , but honey is sweeter than sugar. ( A )

A. salty

B. small

C. sweet

D. smooth

10. My mother is a nurse. She works at Harapan Bunda Hospital. She ….. the patients. ( C )

A. thinks

B. ignores

C. helps

D. finds

11. Teguh : This fried chicken is my favorite.

Hilda   : I like it too. This fried chicken is very ….. ( A )

A. delicious

B. bitter

C. salty

D. dangerous

12. Grant is a tailor. He makes…… ( A )

A. clothes

B. bag

C. belt

D. ice cream

13. My father always reads ….. every morning. ( D )

A. radio

B. computer

C. television

D. newspaper

14. Indah …… the match in National Olimpiade. She is very happy. ( D )

A. jumped

B. lost

C. celebrated

D. won

15. My sister went to the dentist two days ago because her ….. were in pain. ( A )

A. teeth

B. ears

C. hands

D. fingers

16. The exam was too ….. for her. She got score 100. ( A ) Berikut contoh soal beserta jawaban Noun Clause.

A. easy

B. expensive

C. difficult

D. high

17. Angel’s doll is broken. Angel is very …… now. ( C )

A. charm

B. happy

C. sad

D. confused

18. The students’ duty is to … in the school. ( D )

A. teach

B. work

C. play

D. study

19. Bimo is celebrating his birthday. ( A )
Now Bimo feels ……

A. happy

B. easy

C. angry

D. hungry

20. Nita: Edi, your new shoes are so fit in your……. You look charming and cool. ( B )
Edi: Thank you, Nita.

A. body

B. feet

C. finger

D. hand

21. The clown in my friend’s birthday is so…. He makes all children laugh and happy. ( C )

A. angry

B. noisy

C. funny

D. quiet

22. The room looks…. I want to clean it soon today. ( A )

A. dirty

B. tidy

C. shiny

D. rough

23. Taria : Dani, where do you ant to move? ( D )
Dani : I want to ….. to Europe with my parents and siblings.

Baca mengenai contoh soal Parts of Speech beserta jawabannya lengkap.

A. walk

B. come

C. run

D. move

24. The antonym of awkward is… ( A )

A. Graceful

B. Thrifty

C. Quick

D. Good

25. She took the shopping … of the bags. ( C )

A. On

B. At

C. Out

D. In

Baca Juga :

Semoga contoh soal vocab bahasa Inggris di atas membuat teman – teman cepat mengeerti dan dapat mengerjakan soal vocab selanjutnya dengan tepat. Selamat belajar.