Contoh Kalimat Modals Positif, Negatif, dan Interogatif Will (Beserta Artinya)

Salah satu tujuan dari penggunaan kalimat modals dalam Bahasa Inggris adalah menyatakan perkiraan, permintaan, penawaran, kemauan, dan kebenaran abadi. Hal ini dapat dilakukan menggunakan kata will. Penggunaan kalimat modals will sendiri luas karena bisa disematkan bersama semua jenis subjek. Will masuk dalam golongan modal auxiliary yaitu kata bantu yang dapat memberikan tambahan makna dalam kalimat.

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Contoh Kalimat Modals Positif, Negatif, dan Interogatif Will

Kata will sebagai modals auxiliary digunakan bersama dengan verb I (kata kerja bentuk pertama) dan tidak bisa ditambahkan partikel lain. Berikut ini beberapa contoh penggunaan kata will yang salah.

  • I will makes you lunch.
  • I will reads for kids tonight.

I will make you lunch.
I will read for kids tonight.

Penggunaan will dalam menyatakan perkiraan

Rumus kalimat positif

S + will + Verb I + O


  1. We will win this game for sure.
  2. We will still try until every thing working out.
  3. I will shop if get some discount.
  4. She will stop stalking her ex when she meet someone new.
  5. He will go earlier tomorrow to avoid traffic jam.
  6. He will fall in love with this calendula oil if she send it.
  7. You will become great dad if you try harder.
  8. They will celebrate your birthday if they see the calendar.
  9. I will go to Libya if you come with me.
  10. I will see Mamamoo’s concert if I get paid this month.
  11. We will forget this when we grow old.

Rumus kalimat negatif

S + Will + not + Verb I + O

Will not dapat diringkas menjadi Won’t


  1. She won’t call you back after you embarrass her family.
  2. He won’t say sorry because of his ego.
  3. They won’t come again after you make them mad.
  4. I won’t trust you anymore after any thing you do.
  5. We won’t eat your meal again after we find out a cockroach in a meatball.

Penggunaan will dalam menyatakan permintaan

Rumus kalimat interogatif

Will + S + Verb I + O

Will dapat disembatkan dengan beragam subjek seperti I, You, We, They, She, He, It


  1. Will you help me to pick up my kids?
  2. Will you bring me those chocolates?
  3. Will they arrive at the right time to helping me cook for dinner?
  4. Will you go to the cinema with me?
  5. Will you accompany me to come to Rina’s party?

Penggunaan will dalam menyatakan penawaran

Kata will dapat digunakan untuk menyatakan penawaran dalam bentuk present tense dan future tense.

  1. I will accompany you if you ever ask me.
  2. We will date five years from now if you give me a chance.

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Penggunaan will dalam menyatakan kebenaran abadi.

  1. The sun will rise from the east and set to the west.

Penggunaan will dalam menyatakan kemauan

  1. I will marry you next year.
  2. Ratna will help you do the task.
  3. They will ask your help.
  4. You will come back to me after all this time.